About the Book

The Lowly Chicken is a children's book about a chicken called Henry who transforms from a friendless, spoilt chick through helping and giving, into a kind and caring chicken with the support of his friends and family.

Follow Henry on his adventures and personal journeys, through the course of the book as you watch him grow as chicken and a person. Great for ages 3 - 7, but parents will love it too.

The Lowly Chicken and Other Stories spans three tales, with alligator chases, sleeping on beds of honey and second chances with new friends. The first two adventures follow Henry, and the third follows the story of Reginald who grows and develops in character after Henry's positive influence.

Not just a story

Colour it yourself!

'The Lowly Chicken' is also a colouring in book! Let your imagination colour Henry's story, the only limit is your colouring box.

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A message from the author:

I wrote The Lowly Chicken because I wanted to deliver a positive message in children's lives. Encouraging them to be thoughtful and kind to others, and inspiring them to read more books as they grow.

For anyone who has trouble reading, wants a bedtime story, or would enjoy a wholesome story on a long journey, that the audiobook is also available for only £1 more.

Last of all I sincerely hope that you and your children enjoy reading The Lowly Chicken and Other Stories, and that they share its messages with their friends and family.

About the Author

Darren St Mart was born on the 9th of March 1967 and raised in Shepherds Bush West London by parents who immigrated from Mauritius. Darren struggled throughout his school life academically which was mainly due to bullying which led to Darren lacking in confidence.

Since then he has attended Thames Valley University where he studied Personnel Management. He also studied photography at St Martin's in the Field University.

One day, totally out of the blue in 2009 at the age of 43 Darren started to write children's stories. Little did he know that as early as 2012 he would have his first book published and has been commissioned to write his present day story. To gain more experience in the behaviour and learning of children he became a Teaching Assistant in various Primary and Nursery schools around West London..

Darren currently reads his stories to young children in libraries around the Buckinghamshire area. 'From every bad thing something good comes from it' is Darren's life philosophy which helped him through his cancer which was diagnosed in 2012 and has now fully recovered from.

Darren now lives in Buckinghamshire, where he writes his stories from his study overlooking a beautiful lake. Darren finds this to be the perfect setting for him to be inspired and creative for his writing. Darren sees writing as his passion and hopes by writing interesting, humorous stories with good moral messages, this will encourage children to enjoy reading.

Darren also loves film music, movies, classic and modern cars and going out walking with his girlfriend and dog in tow.

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